GMC announces IntelliLink for smartphone connectivity

GMC has announced a new system that will first be seen in the 2012 GMC Terrain SUV. The system is called IntelliLink and is designed to connect the drivers smartphone to the vehicle entertainment system and to provide voice-activated control of the audio system. IntelliLink allows voice commands to start a phone call, change the radio station, and to stream Internet radio. Drivers can even use their voice to control an iPod.

This sounds a lot like the Ford Sync system in most Ford vehicles. GMC says that the IntelliLink home screen can be configured by the driver with the icons they want. It has icons built-in for Pandora and Stitcher streaming via smartphones. The system should work pretty much like Ford Sync since it, and IntelliLink are powered by Nuance.

The voice control system also uses the Gracenote media database to provide album art and artist information. This also allows people to find content using nicknames such as "The Boss" and others. IntelliLink's integration of Gracenote is the first to provide track data via Bluetooth streaming rather than having to have the device plugged into the USB port.

"Gracenote is typically limited to devices plugged in to the USB port," he said. "With IntelliLink, we are the first company to run Bluetooth streaming audio through the Gracenote database to display album art for music players connected wirelessly."