Gmail now allows direct emailing of Google+ contacts

Google has added a new feature to its popular Gmail email service. The new feature more tightly integrates Google+ into the Gmail service. Some will see the new email feature as a plus, while others will see it as invasive.

If you are the sort that doesn't want all of your Google+ contacts to be able to email you without you giving them or posting your Gmail address, you won't like this new feature. The new feature allows anyone on Google+ to email their contacts via Gmail.

The new feature works when you begin typing in an email address in the "To" field of the Gmail message box. In the past, that would make your contacts start to pop up. With the new feature in place, it also makes Google+ contacts pop up allowing you to easily email those people, even if they haven't given you their Gmail address.

Thankfully, Google has given some control over who can send you emails using the new feature. The controls allow you to choose how close the contact has to be to allow them to email you without you giving them your email address or you sending them an email. The options include the widely open Anyone on Google+, Extended Circles, Circles, and no one. At least you have the option of blocking anyone from emailing you this way.

SOURCE: TechCrunch