Gmail gets official "Unsubscribe" button

Now that we've got non-latin character support, Gmail is officially doing us another big favor. If you've ever signed up for a newsletter, only to find yourself inundated with daily roundups of stuff you don't care to know about, Gmail can now unsubscribe you with a single click.

A new "Unsubscribe" link can be found at the top of emails — but not all emails. Google says those which have an "unsubscribe" feature imbedded in the email will cause their system to populate it at the top. As Google puts it, "If you're interested in the message's content, it won't get in the way, and if not, it'll make it easier to keep your inbox clutter-free."

The single-click scenario is a winner. Finding the option to remove yourself from a mailing list with one click is handy, and saves wasted time scrolling to the bottom for a possibly hidden link. It also prevents senders from having their email marked as spam, which can have consequences should the spam count get too high.

Of course, if you don't use Gmail as your primary client, this doesn't work so well. This feature also seems to be desktop-only — or at least we're not seeing it on mobile yet. Google didn't clarify whether or not the feature would make its way across platforms, but we'd think it would.

Source: Google