Gmail adds Cherokee language support and virtual keyboard

It all started when one of Google's engineers carpooled with a Cherokee Nation member. After talking, the idea was formed of adding Cherokee language support to Gmail, an idea that has ultimately been implemented. This is Gmail's 57th language, and is accompanied by a virtual keyboard that allows typing in the Cherokee alphabet.

Google also offers Web search in Cherokee. The Gmail team collaborated with the Cherokee Nation, as well as college students and Durbin Feeling, who authored the Cherokee-English Dictionary. By doing so, modern words such as "inbox" have also been added, making the resource very thorough.

Users can enable Cherokee language support under "Settings." It's listed under the "Gmail Display Language" drop-down menu under the General tab. Alternatively, if you want to use Gmail in both English and Cherokee, or want to write emails in Cherokee while using the system in English, you can add the Cherokee language input tools via the language drop-down menu on the right side of the screen.

By selecting "Input Tools," a menu will appear. Select "Cherokee" and add it to the list of tools you want available. Select the language from the menu before typing an email, then begin typing the language phonetically to pull up the language's alphabet. Disable the input tool keyboard when you want to type in English.

[via Gmail Blog]