GM offers Wi-Fi on select vehicle models

We are slowly getting to the point in America where we can be connected to the Internet and reams of data everywhere we go. We can stay connected on commercial air flights commonly now and internet access is coming to our cars. GM has announced that it will be offering in-vehicle WiFi on select models very soon as a dealer installed option.

The internet access will be available using Autonet Mobile routers in select GM trucks and SUVs. Autoblog reports that GM will have the WiFi router available as an accessory this month for GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles. The price for the router and install is $500.

The big catch, as with most mobile broadband plans, is the price of the data service. The service isn't that expensive at $29 per month. However, that price only gets you 1GB of service and each additional 1GB chunk costs you $29 again. The bigger issue is that the router doesn't support encryption so anyone within 150 feet of you can log on and use your connection. Download a few HD movies and you can have a large bill.