GM CEO sends employees letter over recall

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 4, 2014, 6:19pm CST
GM CEO sends employees letter over  recall

General Motors recently issued a massive 1.6 million vehicle recall over an issue with the ignition switch, which can result in a car shutting off and a potentially fatal incident resulting. In response to the recall and some criticism surrounding it, GM’s CEO has personally issued a letter to employees detailing the matter.

The letter comes from General Motors CEO Mary Barra, with the message being posted for company employees on the General Motors intranet, according to Fastlane. In the letter, she says many employees have asked about the recall, and as such she wants to collectively update them on the matter, saying “customer safety and satisfaction are at the heart of every decision we make.”

According to the CEO, GM has created a “working group of senior executives” that oversees the process, worked with suppliers to speed up the recall process, and initiated an internal review to provide the auto maker with an “unvarnished report” on the issue at hand, saying “we will hold ourselves accountable and improve our processes so our customers do not experience this again.”

Controversy surrounds the recall due to GM’s delay in fixing the problem despite being aware of the issue. General Motors has stated its engineers were aware of the problem back in 2004, but the recall didn’t happen until February. There are several known fatalities that have resulted.


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