Global Tel Link prison cell phones security to be stricter

Global Tel Link, which has the distinct honor of providing pay phones to prisons and detention centers throughout California, announced that it will set up new technology to prevent inmates from using mobile phones. Prisoners are technically not allowed to chat with the outside world on their own cell phones, but they're called criminals for a reason, and there have been many cases involving inmates who continue to manage outside crime through the use of an illegal cell phone.

Of course, according to reports on the subject, the majority of smuggled cell phones are used for inmates to keep in touch with loved ones, but the habitually law-breaking minority are about to ruin the concept of texting behind bars for everyone. And fear not, California taxpayers. This multi million-dollar initiative is being fully funded by Global Tel Link, a private company. Why would it want to do this? Because the company just wants to have a safer world?

Nope. Because Global Tel Link already owns and operates the legally usable pay phones throughout the state, it is betting that by cracking down on cell phone use, the use of its pay phones will wildly increase, bringing in a lot of revenue. It's pretty smart if you think about it. California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary Matthew Cate said, "This groundbreaking and momentous technology will enable [the prison system] to crack down on the potentially dangerous communications by inmates."

[via LA Times]