GlassWire for Android now shows what eating up your data

The ubiquity of smartphones, and the decreasing costs of data plans, mean that more and more people are connected to the Internet every day. That also means more and more opportunities for less scrupulous apps and services to exploit that fact. And then there is the case of the poorly developed app that can tie up your Internet connectivity and cost you dollars in unwanted, let alone unknown charges. For those kinds of apps, the new GlassWire for Android offers to monitor your apps' data usage for you, without having to unknowingly hand over your data to third-parties.

This is hardly the first nor only data monitoring app for Android. But GlassWire developers, who already make an app of the same name for Windows, retells their shocking discovery about these "data usage" apps. These apps that promise to monitor your phone's data usage themselves actually use data. For what, you may ask. GlassWire says to gather some data on you and sell them to the highest bidder. Whether or not that's true, and it probably is for some of the shadier apps, GlassWire promises to behave better.

GlassWire pretty much offers the same kind of monitoring as these other data usage apps. It presents a graph of network use by apps and users can drill down into more technical details. They can also go back in time to see which apps ate up your data last week or month. It will also actively inform you if new apps start using data. You can also set up a quota and have the app warn you when you've used up that much data already.

GlassWire for Android is available for free, without in-app purchases and without ads even. If that sounds too good to be true, GlassWire developers assure users that they don't profit from your data, only from those who purchase their premium apps.

SOURCE: GlassWire