Glass USB Drive Shows Your Data in Lights

One of the worst things about having all these USB drives, is the fact that you can easily forget what's on one of them, thinking that it's on another. It's a terrible life to life, we tell you. So, what we want, is a USB drive that will tell us what's on the memory stick well before we put it into our computer. Yeah, that's the dream. And, thanks to Mac Funamizu, we've got a concept that works great for us.

And yes, we can live vicariously through a concept. This concept, for example, is called USB Memory Stick #6, and we're in love with it. As the title of the article suggests, the USB drive is made of glass, and the whole idea revolves around colored lights that are housed inside the body of the drive. As you put items on your USB stick, the lights would activate to tell you what's on the drive. For example: blue lights for documents, pink lights for images, and green lights for movies. And, the more you put on your drive, the more the lights would populate through the glass body.

As you can see from the rendered images, depending on how much stuff you've got saved on your USB Memory Stick #6, the thing can get pretty bright. Seeing as it's just a rendered concept right now, there's no word on what kind of sizes would be supported by the memory stick. And, we'd be willing to bet that if this ever did get to production, it'd be worth a pretty penny (or two, or three).

[via Core 77]