Glass update brings Notification Glance

Google has officially announced the already-leaked experimental feature "Notification Glance", revealing it today on the Glass Google+ page. The feature is rolling out with minor update XE 17.3, and will improve the way users interact with notifications on Google's wearable.

Once the update rolls your way, you'll get access to the experimental feature and henceforth use a glance to pull up a notification whenever a chime comes in. The makes it easier than currently established methods: a head nod or tap on the touchpad.

After the update arrives, users who are interested in using the experimental feature will need to head into Settings, where they'll see a Notification Glance card. Tapping the card will pull up a necessary calibration process.

Once calibrated, notification chimes can then been interacted with using a subtle glance at the display. Due to its experimental nature things might not work perfectly, and Google advises that it is "still testing" the option.

SOURCE: Google+