Gizoo Wind-Up Remote Control Leaves Batteries Behind

If you're tired of replacing the batteries in your remote controls, why not opt for one universal remote? Many have already made the switch, but now you can get rid of those batteries for good with the Gizoo Wind-Up Remote Control.

Remotes don't use much energy, anyway. I mean, most of the time they're just getting lost in the couch cushions. That being said, there's nothing more frustrating that settling in to watch TV only to discover the remote is dead, which means you'll have to actually get up to change the channel. The horror!

This wind-up universal remote has a built-in generator, so you just have to turn the dial a few times and you'll be ready to channel surf. About thirty turns will last you a week. Expect to shell out $38 for this remote, but think of what you'll save on batteries.

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