Gizmodo's Exclusive Microsoft Zune Details

The first ever image was just leaked minutes ago, and now more exclusive Zune info as promised by Gizmodo! Lets dive in and get to the gut of the Zune. The scroll wheel isn't a wheel at all. They're just four buttons arranged in a wheel formation. Boo! This is a big drawback for iPod users. Then again, Microsoft doesn't want Steve accusing them of being copycats. Similar to the scroll wheel, the scrolling speed increases if you hold the button down longer. There's even a large letter that appears in the corner corresponding to the letter of the current song when browsing through the list.

On the back, there's a grip so you can comfortably hold the player when watching video in landscape mode. There's also a magnet of some sort on the back of the Zune for headsets to attach to – nice touch. The other functions of the magnet can be used for docking or attaching a case to it. This is still being hashed out. There's an iPod-like dock connector at the bottom of the unit, while the case itself is plastic and semi-transparent.

The UI features white text on colored backgrounds with a lot of textures; maybe even be very skin able. The display will show the album art or Windows Media Player-like visualization.

The FM support is fairly complete with both FM tuner and FM transmitter. This is a great feature, cutting the cost of third party, external FM transmitter. Another great feature is the FM transmitter feeds up song and artist information so you can see what's playing from your car stereo! How neat is that?

Last piece of info is that the WiFi and Capture Settings were disabled so they're not sure what the Capture Settings means. They think its for recording FM. Maybe.

That's all for now, I'm pretty sure Gizmodo will have much more info in the near future.

Exclusive Microsoft Zune Details [Via Gizmodo]