Gigantic Lego DIY ships are awesome

Shane McGlaun - Oct 11, 2010
Gigantic Lego DIY ships are awesome

If you thought that Lego shirt folding robot I mentioned earlier was complex, these ships will really twist your noodle. Some Lego building masters have constructed massive navy ships using Lego bricks and ingenuity. The largest of the three ships is a model of the USS Intrepid and the thing is so huge it couldn’t be constructed inside the builder’s home.

The Intrepid is 22-feet 4-inches long and I don’t even want to know how much money all the Lego bricks this project required would have cost. The project includes not only the ship itself, but a full complement of aircraft, deck guns, personnel and more.

An aircraft carrier can’t cruise the Lego seas unescorted, so other builders constructed support vessels for the Intrepid. The USS Haggard is 9-feet 6-inches long and the USS Pampanito is 8-feet long. These are some of the coolest Lego sculptures I have ever seen. Hit the video at the source link below to get a better idea of the massive size of the ships.

Via The Brothers Brick

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