Gigantic 268MP image sensor shoots space photos from Earth

If you though the high megapixel DSLR cameras used by pro photographers were impressive with their resolution, wait until you see the gigantic photo sensor for the OmegaCAM that is operated by the European Southern Observatory. The camera uses 32 different image sensors to reach its 268MP total resolution. It uses that resolution to shoot very impressive space photos.

The gigantic sensor weighs a whopping 1,700 pounds. The giant sensor is able to deliver some of the highest resolution images around. This camera sensor will be used inside a terrestrial telescope rather than being launched into space to take its photos like Hubble.

Even though it's on the ground, the camera takes some very impressive photos of the heavens. I really like to see that sort of image too; it's cool to see so deep into space from our own planet. I wonder how much this sensor cost to build.

[via PetaPixel]