Gigabyte Roll Pad passive notebook cooler - makes me hungry for California Roll

Basically, what this is is a giant heat sink for the bottom of your notebook. It attracts the heat from the bottom of your notebook, and due to the metal it's made out of, is able to dissipate the heat faster than your notebook or your lap.

It won an iF award and apparently I am not the first to think of sushi at its sight since it has already earned the nickname of "sushi roller". Due to the flexibility of this thing you can do more than lay it flat and set your notebook on it.

For instance you could partially fold one end and set the back of your notebook on it to get better air flow to the fans and ducts on the bottom of your notebook and to angle it for easier typing, or you could fold it up a bunch and use it as a platform to raise your notebook a couple of inches, its pretty versatile. There are two models, one for 12 and 13 inch notebooks and one for 14 and 15 inch notebooks, no word on price or availability though.