Gigabyte M8000X Gaming Mouse Debuts for Professionals

Yes, there are people out there that play video games for fun, and still there are others that play for money. Lots of money, actually. It's a pretty lucrative business decision, if you've got the chops to cut it against the cut-throat adversaries out there. Luckily enough, there are companies like Gigabyte out there who care enough to produce peripherals for the gaming elite, and that's why the Gigabyte M8000X is so special: it's got features to make any professional gamer out there a happy camper.

Over at Computex in Taiwan, Gigabyte pulled the curtain off the M8000X, which also goes by the name of Aivia. As we said, it's got plenty of features: it has a 6,000 dpi pro-laser engine, designed explicitly to handle high-speed movement in such a way that you don't have to worry about missing anything. That's not the only engine running at a gentle hum inside this mouse. You also get an integrated GHOST Engine, which is designed to memorize upwards of 45 button assignments, which also comes with macro editing.

The GHOST Engine also makes sure that the button configurations are stored on the mouse, and not based primarily on software that you'd have to reinstall every time you plug the mouse into a new piece of hardware. The mouse itself was just announced, so there doesn't seem to be any mention of release date or price, but hopefully it's soon and it doesn't break the bank. It only comes in black, so hopefully that's not a deal breaker — it's a pretty standard color for the mouse, anyway.

[via UberGizmo]