Gibson's Robotic guitar: "Danger, Eddie Van Halen!"

No, it won't warn you of impending danger. But it will automatically tune itself to any one of six user defined tunings. Using an on-board computer, built in servos, and magnetic 'pickup' coils the user can set the tuning as well as the intonation.

The control scheme has been boiled down to one knob, that displays your current tuning as well as remaining battery life. Changing the tuning is as simple as setting the knob and strumming the strings – the servos then take over.

The guitar will enter into full blown production in late 2008. But if you really want to get your hands on one, special dealers will soon begin carrying limited production models.

Here's my question: Can I use it to play Guitar Hero? ... Didn't think so.

The Gibson Les Paul Robot Guitar [coolest gadgets]