Giant NES controller PC, not for mass manufacturing

Some Swedish students made this case mod for a class where they were given a $300 budget. That means the actual PC components must suck, but the case is hella cool.

It looks like most of the actual work went into painting it, other than that it appears to just be some fancy ply-wood work with some better wood for the buttons. It looks nice though, and for $300 if they were ever to mass produce them they'd probably sell pretty well.

Then again they'd have to make some profit, and international shipping is pricey for something that large, so by the time it got here it'd probably be considerably pricier. Regardless, its unavailable for purchase, but I am sure with just a little bit of effort, and an NES controller to use as a model, you could probably make your own or stuff some other stuff inside the case, my personally favorite would be to see a pair of turntables and some mixers stuffed inside a case like this like a DJ coffin.

Cool PC Mods – Giant NES Controller PC Case [via gadgettastic]