Giant Lincoln Log tower sets a new Guinness World Record

When it comes to geeky building systems enjoyed by children all around the world, Lego typically jumps to mind. We've seen plenty of world records set by various builders around the world using Lego bricks. One of the more overlooked geeky building materials that a lot of us played with as children are Lincoln Logs.

You may remember these small wooden logs with little dents in them that allowed you to stack and build all sorts of structures. Over the weekend, a new Guinness World Record was set in Lincoln, Nebraska. The record is for the tallest Lincoln Log structure ever built was set at the Lincoln Children's Museum.

The massive structure measured 12'4" when complete. The structure also broke the record for the largest number of logs ever used in a construct requiring 10,036. The previous record was held by a structure built in March of 2010 measured 10'11" and used 2995 logs. That structure was built in Ottawa, Illinois.

The group of people who built the record-setting Lincoln log structure included a group of architecture students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an architectural group called the DLR Group. The build was challenging and required precision because one piece slightly off could lead to a big problem further up the tower. The entire built took over six hours to complete.

[via Journal Star]