Giant Hot Wheels racetrack is awesome, but is it real?

My son loves Hot Wheels cars and has a ton of them that he has collected over the years. He also has more than a few tracks that you can slip together to play with. I will be the first to say that those tracks rarely work as advertised and generally fall apart if the cat farts. The track in the video at the bottom of this is insanely large. I can only imagine how much the parts would have coasted to make the track.

It has more of the little dual wheel spinning gadgets that flick the cars around than I have ever seen in one place. The dude made the track in a two story home and it literally goes though every room in the house it seems. Then the car heads outside and around the block before going around the pool and back inside.

The entire trip takes over 4 minutes on the video and the video is actually cut choppily leaving room for some cheating with only making certain sections at one time. I would like to think this is real though, what's the point of faking something like a Hot Wheels track? What I would like to see is one of the new Hot Wheels video cars make a round of the track. What do you think, real or fake?

[via Autoblog]