Giant Android wall display via Galaxy Nexus, Kinect and a projector

This is a cool mashup of geek tech right here. I would bet that many of you have looked at the smallish screen on your smartphone before, and though it would be great to have the screen in a much larger size for gaming and watching movies. One modder has decided to take that wish and make it a reality using several pieces of geek tech.

The geek who put the hack together goes by DDRBoxman. He took his Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and output the video to a projector to toss it up in 50-inch size on the wall. To get the touch control interface back the guy uses a Kinect to see where he was touching and activate the content.

The Kinect in question was hooked to a Windows PC and used a custom app to control the touch interface. This doesn't sound like something the average geek would pull off. It required a custom ROM. I wonder if you have to touch the wall to activate things on the projected interface. It would be better if you could control it with gestures from across the room. See the hack in action below.

[via AndroidCommunity]