Giada unveils new i35G mini PC

Giada has unveiled its latest small form factor mini PC called the i35G. The new computer has an Nvidia GT610 GPU inside and promises nice performance in a very compact package. The computer supports 1080p full HD graphics and can be fitted with up to 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.

The machine is also designed to be power miserly slurping only 35 W of power when in use. Giada says that the support for full high-definition graphics and low power consumption makes this machine perfect for digital signage, is totality, brand promotion, and digital menu boards. The machine would also work for people for people looking for a compact workstation that can also handle gaming and media streaming.

The i35G measures 192 x 155 x 26 mm and can be used with an optional mounting kit to mount the computer behind large displays or monitors. The little computer has an HDMI connection and remote-control functionality for playing and controlling music and streaming content from across the room. Connectivity options include VGA, Bluetooth, five USB 2.0 ports, and a memory card reader.

The card reader supports SD, MMC, MS, and MS Pro formats. The processor inside the computer is an Intel Atom D2500. The Nvidia GT 610 GPU has 512 MB of VRAM, and storage is to a 320 GB hard drive with an Intel SSD is an option. The MSRP for the computer is $274 minus the operating system.