Ghost of Tsushima will play like a classic samurai movie

The PlayStation 5 may be just around the corner but the PlayStation 4 will still have some new titles coming to give the console its best exit. Iron Man VR will soon let you get a glimpse of the future and the newly announced Ghost of Tsushima will take you back to the past. But more than just a historical game, Sucker Punch's newest title makes you feel like you're the hero of a samurai movie of old.

There have, of course, been games that all advertise immersing you in this or that fantasy situation but, more often than not, the demands and requirements of interactive gameplay break that immersive experience. Developers Sucker Punch demonstrates in a new video how it has implemented a rather ingenious solution to keep players feel like their direction a film.

Perhaps influenced by their mobile counterparts, some games of late have become rather lazy and more direct in navigating the game's world, often placing very visible signs from point A to point B. Those signs would look terribly out of place in a world set in 1270 Japan so the Ghost of Tsushima instead employs subtle environmental cues from smoke to helpful animals to gusts of winds that you can summon as often as you want.

Even combat is reflective of the developer's goal of recreating the look and feel of samurai movies, with the player and opponents facing off for a tense moment before slashing in bursts. You can even "theme" the whole game in black and white to even better replicate the grainy movies of yesteryears.

Of course, there are also modern features, like Sucker Punch's famous photo mode, allowing you to frame the perfect shot to commemorate a dramatic scene. Along with the photorealistic graphics of the game, Ghost of Tsushima could very well be one of the PS4's biggest hits (after Final Fantasy VII Remake) before the console finally gives way to its successor.