Getaround introduces expedited Getaway car rental service

Getaround is a company that lets you rent out your car while you'll be away for an extended period of time, but before today, the process of renting your car could end up getting a little involved. That isn't a problem anymore thanks to Getaway, a new Getaround service that allows you to speed up the rental process. No longer will you have to manage your own rental, as Getaway's team does most of the work for you.

With Getaround, owners had to list their car and name a price themselves, and then communicate back and forth with potential renters to set everything up. With Getaway all of that is done for you, so you just have leave your car with the folks at Getaround and let them do all the work. Not only does this cut back significantly on the time investment, but Getaround tells Mashable that it could potentially lead to more money, as the Getaway team will determine the pricing of your car.

In fact, Getaround founder Jessica Scorpio says that after initial tests, some owners were making as much as $1,000 per month. Owners who take the time to list everything through Getaround typically make an average of $350 a month, so those who opt to go with Getaway could potentially make more money than those who do all the work themselves with Getaround's standard service. Of course, Getaround performs background checks on all potential renters, so you can rest assured that your car isn't going to be placed in the hands of someone with a terrible driving record.

Currently, Getaround is only available in San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, and Portland, with Getaway only available in San Francisco and Chicago. Getaround recently received $13.9 million in funding, however, and with that money, Scorpio hopes to expand Getaround into more areas across the country. Expect to hear more form Getaround soon, as Scorpio says that the company is still on the lookout for new business partners. By offering a service as attractive as Getaway sounds, we're thinking it won't be long before Getaround secures that additional funding.