Getac T800 rugged tablet features 8.1-inch screen and quad-core Intel CPU

Getac has rolled out a new tablet that aims directly at the mobile worker called the T800. The new tablet is a fully rugged device that is compact at less than 9x6 inches total, has a large 8.1-inch screen and runs Windows 8.1 Pro. That 8.1-inch screen is made to be sunlight readable and is 34% larger than similar 7-inch tablets. Despite the large screen and rugged design, the tablet is thin and light at under an inch thick and weighing in at 2.1 pounds.

Getac designed the tablet to be held in one hand. LumiBond tech is used inside the display giving it better contrast and colors by bonding the display glass with the touch panel and LCD. SnapBack add-ons allow the user to add accessories to meet their needs depending on the work environment and include things like an extended battery, SmartCard reader, RFID, or magnetic strip reader.

Those accessories can be snapped on and off with no tools needed. Inside the T800 uses an Intel quad-core 2.16 GHz processor that can operate at up to 2.58GHz. Power comes from an internal battery that is good for eight hours of use per charger and the SnapBack extra battery makes the device last as long as you need it with extra batteries.

Getac also builds-in support for 4G LTE, WiFi, and GPS capability. The LTE configuration of the tablet also supports triple pass-through so users can connect the tablet to high-gain GPS, WWAN, and WLAN antennas on the roof. The tablet can survive drops of up to 6-feet, shocks, spills, vibration, dust, and liquid. Getac will ship the tablet in July with pricing starting at $1599 and LTE versions starting at $1999.