Get A Virtual Tour Of Destiny, Google Maps Style

Bungie's Destiny is one of the most anticipated games of the year, but what are you to do if you still haven't put up a pre-order for the game or don't yet have the rig to support it? Why not take a somewhat vicarious look at the game via Destiny Planet View, which takes a page from Google Maps' and Street View's books to deliver a unique twist to the "virtual tour" concept.

Once the page has fully loaded, and it asks you to pump up your volume for a good reason, you will be greeted not just by a fancy selection of travel destinations but a voice over that will be your disembodied guide throughout the experience. The script inserts some trivia about the game's locations and history, and injects a bit of humor as well. Once you've decided which planet to visit, you will be transported to a Street View style map of that world.

You won't exactly be free to roam around, as the map has set points where you get immediately transported to when you push forward. Each of those way points have voice commentary as well as interactive elements you can click on for additional information and even some LOLs. Like these dancing Guardians.

Destiny Planet View is quite a creative and ingenious way to market the game, as it doesn't require anything aside from a modern web browser. You get to see the sprawling vistas of the MMO for free and familiarize yourself with the lore even before the game launches to the public. The bits of humor are also a nice touch for a game that is quite serious in nature. Destiny will launch on both current and previous gen consoles next week, so this is definitely a good way to build up the hype around it.

SOURCE: Destiny Planet View