Get A Little Less Dumb Every Morning With The IQ Calendar

Word-a-day calendars are neat and all, but who the hell uses paper calendars? Oliver Shal has designed a brilliant, brain teasing calendar that'll start your day with the confusion you need to excel. Imagine how relaxing it would be to wake up, and know you've either felt the smartest or the dumbest you're going to feel that day already. The iQ alarm clock is so brilliant I'm certain its inventor is a robot.

He may also be a bit of a sociopath, because the mechanism by which this thing wakes you up is both ruthless and devastatingly effective. Upon waking you up, it rings "incessantly" until you answer from one to three brain teasers. The battery compartment is tamper-resistant. I hope they make it thrown-against-the-damn-wall resistant too.