Get a GeForce 8800 GT for your older Mac Pro

If you own an older Mac Pro and want to upgrade your video to the latest and greatest, you'll finally be able to do just that. Back in January Apple made the Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT an option for the newly revamped Mac Pro's, but strangely no standalone version was released for the older generation Pros. Well bust out your credit cards, because it's available now.

The reason you couldn't pick up the card before is because Apple stated that the cards wouldn't work with the older desktops, citing incompatibilities with the older PCI Express standard found on them. Since the cards should have been backwards-compatible, people have been less than happy about the delay in getting their own card.

At any rate, you can head over to Apple's site and grab the card for a salty $279. You can find a similar card for the PC for almost $100 less if you look around. Why haven't I rushed out to buy a Mac again? Oh yeah, everything is just too expensive on the hardware side.

[via Crave]