GE's latest connected lightbulbs adjust color based on time of day

GE has just introduced a new pair of connected LED lightbulbs that adjust their lighting and color temperature based on the time of day in order to match sleep patterns and moods. The line is called C by GE and features two models, Life and Sleep. The bulbs don't require a smart home hub to work, but can still connect to GE's smartphone app for manual adjustments.

The Sleep bulb will shift through three difference settings based on the time of day, attempting to match the color of the sun's natural light. Morning time will see the bulb emit a bright blue light, midday will produce a standard orange glow, and evening will see a soft shade of yellow. The point is for the lighting to help people maintain their natural sleep rhythm through the production of the hormone melatonin, which is affected by light.

The Life bulb, on the other hand, is only set for the midday option, making a good choice for rooms that are only really used during daylight hours, as opposed to something like the bedroom or kitchen, which would do better with the Sleep model.

When connected to the iOS or Android app over Bluetooth, users can manually dim the bulbs to a preferred level, or even turn them on and off. With no hub requirement, GE intends the C line to serve as an introduction to the idea of smart home products.

GE says they will begin selling a starter pack for $50 on their own website in January. The pack includes two Life bulbs and two Sleep bulbs, with each designed to last for 20 years.