Genius SP-U150X Speakers Now Available In US

Genius has a bunch of products that cover a wide range of peripherals for computers. Audio is one of the big categories for the company and Genius has a new set of speakers that promise easy set up and quality sound on any computer. The speakers are called the SP-U150X and they are now available in the US and Canada for both Mac and PC users.

The speakers have an interesting rounded triangle shape with a glossy black outside and a matte face. They come in three different color highlights including yellow, green, or black. The speakers are 10cm high making them very compact and easy to place on a crowded desktop. The frequency response range is down to 100Hz for bass and up to 22,000Hz for treble.

The speakers connect to the computer via a USB connection. The single USB connection gives the speakers power to operate and connectivity for audio. They have a total power output of 4W RMS and a 2-inch driver. A line-in port allows you to directly connect media players and other items and they have a headphone jack and volume control built-in.