Genius Podpad portable scanner is aimed at mobile pros

There are a lot of mobile professionals in a number of different industries that could benefit from having a mobile document scanner. Genius has announced a new portable wireless scanner specifically made with the on the go professional in mind called the Podpad. The scanner is intended to be used for creating digital copies of time sensitive documents that can be sent instantly over the Internet.

The scanner pairs with a Podpad app on the smartphone. The app allows recently scanned documents to be sent directly to the phone in PDF format via Bluetooth. Once those documents are on the mobile phone, the mobile data connection can be used to send the PDF document anywhere it needs to go.

The scanner can scan six documents per minute at sizes up to 8.5-inches by 14-inches. The scanner also tracks the date, time, location, customer, document ID, and employee for each document scanned and sent. The tracking feature is particularly important for businesses with multiple workers who each scanned documents.

The scanner comes with a DC power adapter for use in the car and a USB adapter for use in the home. The scanner can also be connected to your computer using the USB cable. The Podpad Wireless Document Scanner is available right now for $219.