Genius Light Switch Design by Taewon Hwang

Have you ever walked into a house and had trouble figuring out what switch controlled which light? Designer, Taewon Hwang comes through with this delightfully intuitive light switch concept. He takes the floorplan of a house and turns it into the design for the light switch. One of these switches could make it easy to control every light in your home from one location, or you can install multiple switches for any configuration or purpose you can imagine.

You walk in the front door to your brand new house, you haven't even slept here one night yet. The glow of your Taewon Hwang designed home-lighting-panel illuminates your entry with a soft glow. You toss your keys on the hook next to the door and press the three different buttons to illuminate your path to the kitchen. Taewon Hwang imagines an intuitive design for whole-house lighting systems able to be controlled from custom panels set anywhere in the house.

[via Yanko Design]