Genius launches FaceCam 3000 with headset

We can be honest in that webcams are really rather boring. They all do pretty much the same thing. This new webcam from Genius is interesting though because it comes with a little singe ear headset. The headset looks like a Bluetooth headset that you would use for your smartphone. The headset will let those of you who like to video chat will have very good audio quality.

The sensor in the camera is a 3MP unit good for shooting video in 1280 x 720 resolution at up to 30fps. The camera has fixed focus on the lens and has sharper images that are always in focus. It connects to a Mac or PC with a single USB port. Naturally, the bandwidth of your web connection will determine if you can stream HD video.

The camera hooks to your computer via a universal clip and is adjustable. The camera can angle up or down though a range of 130 degrees. The universal clips can attach the camera to a notebook, larger desktop LCD and can be used to make the webcam freestanding. The camera uses interpolation to reach 8MP resolution.