GeForce 8800 + Vista = Lawsuit

Ok, you've got your GeForce 8800, and Vista installed. So, how's that going for you? For most people, that answer is a definite "bad." Since the GeForce 8800 series was the first on the block to support DX10, you obviously couldn't realize it's full potential until Vista came out. Turns out, you were better off with XP.

As it happens, Nvidia doesn't actually have fully functional Vista drivers out yet. Users are reporting that with single cards you can only get about half of the settings. Don't bother trying to pop another one in and run in SLI mode.

This obviously isn't going to affect most of us. But this doesn't hold true for Nvidia's target audience, (early adopters and high-end gamers) which as a whole, is furious. If I dropped that much cash on hardware, I'd be pretty upset if it didn't work. There are currently rumors floating around of a class-action lawsuit in the works. Kinda makes me glad I've got an ATI card right now.

Nvidia responds to Vista driver dust-up [via crave]