Gefen debuts 8x8 HD Crosspoint Matrix for HDMI 1.3

When I was younger there was a video store locally that had this sweet video wall. The wall would change from playing new release films on all six screens at once to playing individual trailers on each separate screen. It was very cool and I wanted it badly. I always wondered how the video wall worked and Gefen has a new device called the 8x8 Crosspoint Matrix that will let you do that today with eight screens in HD resolution.

The Crosspoint matrix is up or pre-order now and the thing is far from cheap at $3,999. Expensive it is, but just think of the cool video wall the thing could produce. It allows you to take up to eight full HD input sources and send the input out to up to eight HD displays on the other end.

The cool part is that those inputs can be selectively sent to any of the eight attached displays. That means you can send the input from one source to all eight screens or send individual input to each individual screen or anything in between. The device supports deep color, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD sound and 1080p resolution.