Geeks Get Ubuntu Working On Samsung Galaxy Tab

You can always tell the geeks by the hardware and gadgets they use. Sure, your mom might get a Galaxy Tab, but will her Tab be running something as geeky as Ubuntu? I think not. If you are the sort of geek that lives to add alternative OS's to hardware it wasn't meant to run on, we have a project for you.

Some guys over at XDA forum have added Ubuntu to the Galaxy Tab. The user that did the deed first goes by the handle dviera88. He used directions that were posted by another user going by BThomas22x for installing Ubuntu on the Samsung Epic.

Before you can follow the directions for installing Ubuntu on the Epic with your Tab, you need to root the Tab. You will also need Busybox, Superuser, the Android SDK, AndroidVNC, and Terminal Emulator. Once you have all that software you are ready. Dviera88 says the instructions for the epic worked perfectly for the Tab. Let us know if you pull this off.

Via Android Community