Geeks builds Google Music Beta meta data display with Google ADK

A geek going by [yergacheffe] got hands on the Google ADK board before the official launch and had some parts on hand for making things. Naturally, the geek decided to cobble some things together to see how easy the Google ADK for making hardware talk to each other was to use. The result was the Google ADK talking to a display and showing meta data from the Google Music Beta offering.

The project used some left over LED matrices that act as the display itself. The matrices were put into a laser cut acrylic base. The base and casing has lights to make the music beta logo glow nicely when powered up. The maker says that using the Google ADK only a few lines of code were needed to make the ADK board talk to the display.

The resulting product is a display that you can connect an Android device to and it will show the meta data about the song that is playing on the smartphone right now. You can check out the display in action in the video below. This is a cool little project, what do you think?

[via Hack-a-Day]