Geek Walks Into Apple Store With Broken Time Capsule, Walks Out With Drive Full Of Apple Documents

Sometimes weird things happen at Apple. Losing one iPhone at a bar is odd enough; losing a second, the same way is downright weird. The latest snafu at Apple is firmly on the weird side as well. Apparently, a guy took his malfunctioning Time Capsule back up drive into an Apple Store. When he left with the drive and got home the owner realized he had a bit of extra content on the old supposedly broken hard drive.

Apparently, the Genius at the Apple Store gave the man back his repaired Time Capsule sporting a new drive and the old busted drive that was replaced. When the guy plugged the old drive in the thing worked and was full of confidential Apple documents going back to late 2009 up to May of this year. The files included all sorts of documents from store checklists to time schedules and vides that are only meant to be seen by store workers.

It would appear that the person that fixed the man's Time Capsule simply handed him back the wrong old disk. Gizmodo reports that the man offered to sell the HDD to the website Cult of Mac for money, but was turned down. We all know Giz has no qualms paying for quasi legal hardware and Jesus Diaz is asking the owner to contact him.

[via Gizmodo]