Geek creates X-Wing targeting computer GPS app

Shane McGlaun - Aug 12, 2010
Geek creates X-Wing targeting computer GPS app

Back in the day, I loved to go to Chuck E Cheese and play games. My favorite was the Star Wars game that had you flying down a line art trench dodging pipes and such in an attempt to blow up the Death Star. A geek named Christopher Caleb has created a cool GPS app that looks just like that game.

The guy used Adobe AIR for Android to create his GPS X-Wing Targeting computer. You don’t get fancy turn-by-turn directions apparently, but you do get a representation of your target destination coming closer to you in the trench.

The app can also be used as a clock when you aren’t trying to get somewhere. This is pretty darn cool and if you can combine it with one of those Star Wars voice packs it would rock. Check out the video below.


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