Geek builds his own Lightsaber from spare parts

Shane McGlaun - Aug 30, 2010
Geek builds his own Lightsaber from spare parts

When it comes to DIY stuff for geeks much of it tends to center around science fiction films or video games and the weapons that the heroes and villains in the flicks use. Last week I mentioned that one geek had made his own replica weapon from the Mass Effect game. Today we find a replica weapon made by another geek that is a version of one of the most iconic weapons ever to hit the big screen, the lightsaber.

The lightsaber is a replica of the one Obi Wan Kenobi used in the original New Hope flick and it looks like something George Lucas would have constructed for the film. The builder walks you through the entire construction process of the replica, and he took it very seriously.

I guess you can build your own if you follow the dudes lead, but the build process involves lathes, other power tools, and a lot of DIY mojo. This isn’t a project for the faint of heart, but man the finished produce looks awesome.

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