Gears of War Remastered inbound for Xbox One

The launch of a new console generation is usually an opportune time to relaunch well-loved titles, tweaked a bit to the technology of the present age. We've seen that happen with the rather contentious Halo: Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One. And now it seems that Gears of War will be getting that same treatment, but to a lesser degree. Screenshots and whispers of a remastered version of another iconic first person shooter have been going around the net, though many of the missing puzzle pieces have yet to fall into place.

A remastered Gears of War game has already been around the block quite a few times, especially considering it was first launched in 2006, but it is only now that more solid evidence have started coming up. One such proof is the screenshot seen above, greeting players for the test build of a Gears of War game on the Xbox One. Of course, it might have been just a completely new installment of the franchise, but further leaks seem to support the initial speculation.

Polygon has also chimed in, saying that they have seen the opening cinematic as well as a few screenshots of the upcoming remaster. According to the gaming news site, the edition will feature not just updated visuals with improved lighting and textures but even reworked cutscenes to go along with it.

Players who have also gotten into the test selection have also chimed in. However, they are more specific, saying that the test builds alluded to are more for the multiplayer mode of the game rather than the single player campaign. Understandably, that will be the area that will need the most testing.

One thing that isn't sure yet, though the odds are stacked against it, is a Remaster collection ala Halo. It seems that all the leaks are pointing towards a remaster of the first game. Suffice it to say, there might not be a Marcus Fenix Collection in the works just yet.

VIA: Kotaku, Polygon