Gears Of War 2 To Get Language/gore Filter

I've always been a bit bummed out when I hear that developers decide to tone down on a game's gore and violence simply to get a lower game rating. However, Epic Games has decided to go a different route to get parents to pick the game up for their kids.

Rather than removing the gore and foul language, they have decided to create a mode where such things can be disabled. Apparently the in-game blood will be replaced with sparks, and the language will be replaced with, well, less offensive words.

The game will still retain its "M" rating, however, when kids are bugging their parents to get it for them, at least now they have a better shot at persuading them to get it. My question is if this filter will tie into the parental controls of the console, or simply be an in-game option that can be disabled when the parents walk away.

[via MCVUK]