GE Café Series French Door fridge includes integrated Keurig coffee maker

Coffee is a morning staple for many, and there are a few different ways you can get it. There are french presses and pour over contraptions for the discerning bunch among us, and there are drip brewers with nearly every function and design imaginable. Also popular are Keurig makers, which use K-cups and are exceptionally fast ways to get a cup. Speeding that latter process up just a bit more is GE's new Cafe Series French Door fridge, which features an integrated Keurig coffee maker in the door.

With the integrated brewer, getting a cup of coffee becomes nearly as simple as getting a glass of water. The fridge uses a plastic brewer in which one pops a K-cup. With that pod in place, the plastic brewer is then slid into place in the fridge's door and a cup size is select (S, M, and L).

Water is heated up, then a knob is turned and hot coffee is dispensed. The entire process takes a few minutes overall, and is joined by things like water filtration and a dishwasher-safe construction (for the plastic brewer, that is).

It's a marvelous novelty and a somewhat more convenient option than having a brewer on the counter top. If you're looking to get your hands on one, however, you'll be waiting until Fall 2015 before it becomes available. Likewise, the fridge will come with a generous price tag at $3,300 USD.

SOURCE: GE Appliances