GDQ kicks off Corona Relief Done Quick game streaming marathon

Games Done Quick is no stranger to hosting video game speedrunning marathons for charity, and the COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time for such an event. Games Done Quick has kicked off a weekend marathon called Corona Relief Done Quick, during which speedrunners from around the world will be showcasing their skills – remotely, of course – and raising money Direct Relief.

Direct Relief is an organization that's sorely needed during the coronavirus outbreak. While Direct Relief is broadly focused on providing healthcare to those in poverty around the world, during the pandemic it's focusing on providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and medication to healthcare workers.

Games Done Quick says that 100% of the donations pulled in this weekend will go to Direct Relief. As with many GDQ marathons, Corona Relief Done Quick will run non-stop until its scheduled end time, which right now is slated for around 11PM EDT on Sunday, April 19th. You can check the full schedule by heading over to the Games Done Quick website.

A few weeks ago, Games Done Quick announced Corona Relief Done Quick while at the same time delaying Summer Games Done Quick 2020, one of its marquee events. Originally slated to take place at the end of June, SGDQ 2020 will now run from August 16th through the 23rd – assuming, of course, that the pandemic has subsided enough to allow for large-scale gatherings like SGDQ by that point, which is nowhere near a sure thing.

Questions about SGDQ aside, watching and donating to Corona Relief Done Quick is a good way to support healthcare workers during this outbreak. You can donate to Direct Relief by heading over to the GDQ Donation Tracker, and you can find Corona Relief Done Quick livestreaming on Twitch.