Gbatteries' BatteryBox offers battery backup and enhanced life for MacBook and more

Gbatteries openly state that they haven't invented a new battery, what they have done to its new BatteryBox instead is tweaking the technology to control the energy flow within an existing lithium-ion battery. What this means that the battery will now hold more power within it and not degrade over time – even after 3,000 full charge and discharge cycles.

Problems like passive SEI layer formation to internal polarization affect the life of a Lithium-ion battery. The reason behind the build-up is the constant charging and discharging cycle that the battery goes through. To overcome these effects and to prolong the useful life of the battery, a new BatteryOS system has been designed. This system manages the energy inside a li-ion battery pack, especially when it's idle, charging and discharging. In essence, you can recharge this new battery for 3,000 full charge and discharge cycles and yet expect it have 96% capacity after five years.

Designed as a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, the BatteryBox has enough capacity (50 Whr) within it to power a MacBook Air for 12 hours. It can fully charge eight iPhones or run the MacBook Pro for six hours. Working on itself, the battery pack uses a MicroUSB line for charging and needs four-and-a-half hours to charging to touch 80%. For a full charge you will need to leave it hooked up for about nine hours on a 1A power supply source. In case you hook it up to a 2A power supply, then you can cut the charging time to half.

To keep the design aesthetic and simple, the BatteryBox is styled on the lines of a MacBook power adaptor. It weighs less than 9 ounces and features a MagSafe2 cord. It also has a port that allows it to hook up and charge other USB devices. You can pre-order the pack for $139 and expect to welcome it home around this fall.

SOURCE: TechCrunch