Gatorade's new Gx sweat-analyzing wearable is made for athletes

Gatorade, the company you best know for its sports drinks, has launched a single-use wearable patch that, when used with its companion app, can analyze an athlete's sweat and provide them with a 'unique sweat profile.' According to Gatorade, the Gx Sweat Patch is the first wearable of its kind to hit the market, one ultimately intended to 'help inform personalized hydration strategies.'

The Gx Sweat Patch is exactly what it sounds like: a small patch that you place, in this case, on your left inner arm while working out. During the exercise, the patch will fill with sweat; then, once the workout is over, you scan the patch with the Gx companion app to get your own unique sweat profile.

Gatorade explains that its Gx App is based on the company's Sports Science Institute data, which enables it to 'create actionable recommendations' for users — ones intended to help boost performance and reach goals. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can connect Gatorade's app with Strava, Apple Health, and Garmin Connect.

The wearable joins the app to help the user get properly hydrated and stay that way both during and after exercise. The Gx Sweat Patch isn't Gatorade's first fitness product — the Gx line also includes Pods and Bottles for getting carbohydrates and electrolytes while exercising.

Gatorade is selling the Gx Sweat Patch on its website for $24.99; you can also grab it from some retail stores, plus it will be available through the Dick's Sporting Goods website at the same price. Sadly, Android users won't benefit from the wearable as the Gx App is only available for iPhone.