Gartner reports global PC shipments increased 27% in Q1

Gartner gathers all sorts of data on the electronics market with number for things ranging from cell phones to computers and TVs. The analytics firm is reporting that things are looking up for the PC industry. It's not hard to see that with Intel boasting its best quarter ever.

According to Gartner the PC, industry grew by 27% in Q1. Global shipments of PCs hit 84.3 million units for the quarter. The percentage of growth exceeded expectations of 22% growth.

The largest computer maker in the world is still HP with 18.2% of the market. Acer is in second with 14.2% of the market, Dell slips to third with 12.1% of the market, and Lenovo is on fourth with 8.3% of the market. Asus and Toshiba round out the top firms tied at 5.5%.