Garmin vivofit fitness band offers up personalized daily goals

Garmin's vivofit fitness band is the latest entrant into the rather packed fitness-centric wearables market. The company says its vivofit is the only fitness band that has an automatic daily personalized goal greeting, and that it offers other things like a prod when it is time to get exercising and the ability track one's progress. Despite its size, the fitness has a small curved display that is always on.The Garmin vivofit has user-replaceable batteries that are said to run for over a year before needing replaced. There's water resistance to a depth of 50 meters and compatibility with ANT+ heart rate monitors. The device works by learning the wearer's activity levels, using this to form the daily personalized goals. Once a milestone is hit, the goal is then adjusted to a new one for the following day.There's a sleep mode that is activity when the wearer goes to bed, during which it will then monitor the quality of one's sleep. There's wireless one-touch syncing to Garmin's Connect, the company online fitness community which was recently overhauled with a redesign. Reports and such are provided for easily tracking progress and activities over time, as well as the number of hours one spent sleeping.Said Garmin's Vice President of Worldwide Sales Dan Bartel: "Garmin has been providing fitness monitoring devices for over a decade, and with vívofit we say hello to the fitness band that knows your potential. Being able to monitor the quality of rest after retiring for the night, being challenged by personalized daily goals and doing so without having to charge it every few days, makes vívofit a fitness band that should be on everyone's wrist."