Garmin unveils nuvi 3700 series PND

Garmin makes a wealth of different GPS devices for all sorts of uses. Typically, most GPS devices have the same form factory with a square device made to be clipped to the windshield of the car. Garmin has unveiled its latest GPS device called the nuvi 3700 that take a new form factor that looks a lot like the iPhone.

The device is 9mm thick making it the thinnest PND on the market. It offers navigation and data in portrait or landscape modes and has a touch screen with preloaded maps. The maps can be zoomed and controlled with gestures like pinch, press, and drag.

The top-end model is the 3790T with 2D and 3D modes, screen lock, power button, and a pocketable form. The device uses a customizable wake up phrase to initiate voice-activated navigation. The device also supports traffic and my Trends and has a wealth of other features expected in a high-end PND. Pricing and availability are unknown.