Garmin HUD+ And Nuvi With Wireless Backup Camera Among New Navigational Offerings

As with the vast number of products we've seen today and over the weekend, among them being a host of devices from Lenovo and LaCie, Garmin has introduce a batch of navigation-related devices. The HUD+ has been debuted, along with a new smartphone app, as well as the first nuvi navigators with 6-inch displays and the first nuvi that comes with a wireless backup camera.

Starting with the nuvi devices, the nuvi 2798LMT has a 7-inch display with a wireless backup camera for spotting items that are behind the car, as well as assisting in tight parking scenarios. Garmin promises the backup camera is rugged, able to hold its own against harsh weather conditions and avoidant of bumper collisions by being mounted in the rear windshield. The device will be sold for $399.99 USD.

The new 6-inch nuvi models, meanwhile, will range in price from $130 to $210 USD, and bring with them their own features. Called the 2014 Essential Series, these nuvi navigators offer spoken turn-by-turn directions, as well as features previously only available in the Advanced Series. There's lifetime traffic avoidance on certain models, School Zone Warnings, quick search, and points of interest.

Rounding out the new navigation products is the HUD+ with app, as we mentioned above. The HUD+ is a combination of Garmin's previously known head-up display along with the new mobile app, hence the "+" part of it. The HUD+ projects onto a windshield transparent film or a reflector lens, driver's choice. Instructions come via Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone with the HUD app, available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The device will sell for $179.99 USD.

Said Garmin's Vice President of Worldwide Sales Dan Bartel, "With our new lineup of navigation products, we offer our customers even more choices to upgrade their vehicle with premium Garmin navigation. From new nĂ¼vi models to a head-up display with free companion app, Garmin's latest navigation devices help drivers avoid delays, headaches, and potentially dangerous situations on the road."